Overturn Antidote: Huge Pussy Energy

Overturn Antidote: Huge Pussy Energy

As people with pussies, 

our lives, liberties, and equal pursuit of happiness, are at stake.

The founding fathers of our country declared equality for all men with certain unalienable rights.

As the founding mother of HUGE PUSSY, 

I declare autonomy for all women with exclusive rights over her all-powerful pussy.

The overturn of Roe vs. Wade is the ultimate in taking power away from a woman by way of her pussy. 

The ruling that others can designate our bodies into birthing and lives to mothering is inhumane, and thus, there has never been a more important time to cultivate Huge Pussy Energy. 


 To believe that a cluster of cells with no ability has more rights than the woman who would become responsible for feeding, housing, raising, educating, financing, and caring for the physical and emotional welfare of what could be a human being born from rape or incest is a disgrace to the place we call the land of the free.

The overturn is nothing short of an impassioned commitment to the complete and total oppression of women.

It is the kind of oppression we’d expect from other countries where females are required to have a male escort in public or where genital mutilation is an accepted practice, not the home of the brave. 

 Until our pro-life justices are offering their services as loving caregivers, nurturers, meal preparers, housekeepers, disciplinarians, drivers, cheerleaders, crisis intervention specialists, and all of the roles that are inherent in being a mother,

our pussies should be our prerogative. 

 When I started HUGE PUSSY, I was taking a stand for equal economic opportunity for women and against gender-based censorship in country that prides itself on freedom. Now, we are facing the legal rights to our bodies and lives being revoked and in an increasing number of states,

motherhood is becoming mandatory.

 I value the woman, her autonomy, and her pussy over a fetus, and I am committed to helping women who want abortions get to states where their rights are respected. 

Having Huge Pussy Energy is more important than ever, and it is what I’m counting on to stay focused on supporting women seeking autonomy over their bodies and authority over their lives. 

Motherhood should not be mandatory. Our pussies should be our prerogative.