Jacqueline and her NSFW fight for gender equality.

Press for JBA

“Jacqueline Anderson always hits her mark.”

"…. has never played by anyone else’s rules."  

“... embodied the season’s audacious mood”

“She has her own style. She makes her own mark.”

“She’s going to contribute to our city’s evolution”

“Jacqueline is a natural leader who brings a wealth of experience.”

“...as an actress with a taste for high drama, she figured understatement was beside the point.”

“She’s become the unofficial mascot of FD Luxe and it’s evolved existence”

“Jacqueline is a huge addition and asset to this community.”

“Her one woman fashion parade has the art and society worlds breathlessly awaiting her next outfit.”

“Jacqueline Anderson, Dallas’ most talked about newcomer, outdid herself...And looked amazing doing it."

“She’s a breath of fresh air in what can be a very stodgy environment.”

“Jacqueline brings glamour and sophistication as IMA’s first lady.”

‘You've gotta love...a stunning Houston gal who isn't afraid to express her individual flair and provocative style.

“... left the crowd at the Whitney Museum’s annual benefit with something to remember her by.”

"... Jacqueline Anderson wowed the crowd.”

“She will play a central role in expanding the Crow Collection’s reputation .”

“We’ve never asked as much from a first lady as we have of Jacqueline.”

“Jacqueline Anderson applied a broad based aesthetic to her work and her life.”

“Where Fashion Meets Art” chaired by the voluptuously lovely Jacqueline Anderson.”

“...one hundred of the world’s most prestigious stores threw open their doors and had the largest block party in memory... Jacqueline Anderson hosted.”

“Anderson brings decades of experience and education. She’s delved deeply into the mind- body connection, studying consciousness, energy, mediation, and metaphysics...completed training in women’s empowerment, courage, and empathy.”

“The always daring and illustrious Jacqueline...”

“Anderson has art gallery-directing and art-consulting experience. It’s all been part of a burgeoning professional life.”

“She served as designer to the $2 million renovation of the 20 room mansion bequeathed to the IMA. Jacqueline earned raves for the conscientious update to the 1922 residence.”

“Jacqueline took on the major task of renovating... and faced new exciting challenges with Westerley, major square footage, and history to honor”

“Her work is a tribute.. to a legacy....”